Blacked Out Magazine
edition of 100, published by Shot Put, 21 x 29 cm, 272 pages, 2011
All cats are grey in the dark. In language the art is black.
Of all of the 122,730 words that were used to write the May-2011 issues of Art Forum, Art Review and Frieze Magazines, 95% of them were used in more than just one article. 5,842 of these words about art are considered unique, only to be found within one article in all of the three magazines. All contents were digitalized and analyzed in a databank for word repetition between articles. Every word which appeared in more than one article was then blacked out in all three magazines.

Page Count 
edition of 100, published by Shot Put, 17 x 21 cm, 144 pages, 2011
A reflection on book collection, ownership and reproduction- referencing both Sol Lewitt’s “Autobiography” and Jonathan Monk’s “Cover Version”. A documentation of all the books Andersen owns, arranged in order of page counts and represented by respective page numbers. Page Count also includes the conversation between Jonathan Monk and Seth Siegelaub “On Book Making & Book Collecting” first printed in Cover Version with an additional Postscript- a conversation between Monk and Andersen. 
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